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Book Drawing - Just "Like" me

My book “The Mind’s Eye” can be yours for FREE. I have three copies available to win. All you have to do is go to my author page at and “Like” me. You can also “Like” my website Both methods will make you eligible to win “The Mind’s Eye”. Or, you can just drop me a line here with your email address.

Drawings will be held on Friday, December 21, 2012 (you will be contacted if you are the lucky winner).

  • Disclaimer: Ebooks/electronic files you win are intended for your use only. Permission is only given for YOU to read these files. You do NOT have permission to foward them to friends or post to file sharing sites.
  • Book is in epub, pdf, and mobi formats. If you enter and win an ebook, we can only give you that ebook - not print.
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The only reason I'm commenting is to state how shocking it is that anyone would take the time to copy/paste/post this here and not say one single thing about the book itself. Or the author.

Why take the time to pre-bitch people out so they don't dare let anyone else read their ebooks (which we all know, cost you nothing BTW) and then not even say what genre it is? Is it your first book? Your 5th? 10th? Who are you, anyway?

May your next attempt at advertising be a bit more effective.