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This is a community for professional writers, editors, anthologists, publicists and small press publishers to market their work to reviewers, book store owners, distribution companies, libraries, convention hosts, publicists and individual customers.

By no means is this community a substitute for professional publicity. If your publisher is not sufficiently promoting your book, you will need to bug them about it.

Please join if you are a
  • Book Store Owner
  • Book Store Employee in Charge of ordering
  • Distributor
  • Librarian in charge of orders
  • Science Fiction Convention administrator seeking guests
  • Publicist
  • Reviewer
  • Potential Customer
We need you.

On the writing side of things - professional and semi-professional writers, anthologists, magazine editors, small press publishers, and publicists should join.

Discussions about publicity ideas, marketing and future appearance should take precedence. Also writers should post advertisements for their own work.

Some Guidelines.

1. This is NOT a Writing Community - Please don't post your poetry. Please don't post entire short stories. Please don't post excerpts if you have nothing to sell. This is a community that caters to writers but is not about improving the craft. There are plenty of writing communities on livejournal and the rest of the internet (http://www.critters.org has a good reputation)

2. No Vanity Press - Vanity press is defined as any book where the writer pays the publisher instead of vice versa. There are several new Vanity Presses out there with the advent of POD. Vanity presses include Authors Den, Xlibris, and the like. There are also some publishers that try passing themselves off as legitimate publishers but force their writers to do all promotion (Creative Book Arts is a prime culprit). There are many reasons but the main one is quality. If someone has not seen fit to buy your manuscript until now, it's probably not very good. Furthermore the reputation proceeds these works and bookstores are reluctant to carry them. Free (non-paying) zines and self-published novels are also discouraged but not as much - mostly because you are putting more work into getting such material out.

3. No Flame Wars - self-explanatary but needs to be said. This is a community for professionals trying to market or sell literature. It's not a kindegarten class.

These are the main three rules. Others may be added later. For now the community is open admission, open posting but will become screened should that prove problematic. Anyone breaking the three rules will be booted without warning. We don't want this community overrun with teen angst poetry or advertisements for amateur books (as fun as it might be to mock such books)

Addendum - professional artists seeking cover art and spot art work with publishers are welcome as well. Basically anyone associated with the publishing industry is welcome.
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